I cowork, we cowork

Coworking, collaborative work spaces welcoming everyone for a reasonable rent, is evolving everywhere around the world.

In France, we notice an expansion of new shared work spaces, new work methods and new networks.

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A real « social network » with colleges and coffee machines

« Internet allows to create a professional activity in a living room, but to make sure that the firm gets developing, you have to be able to get out of this living room. » Therefore Sandrine Benattar created, with four other associates, a third way, between work and home : Soleilles Cowork, a collaborative work space in Paris. The idea is inspired by what is done in the US.

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My office in a coworking space

« What we miss the most when we work at home is the relation with the other » Marie explains, a free-lance graphic designer. In Soleilles Cowork, a meeting with the new coworkers is organized every 15 days where everyone talks about his activity. « The coworking space allows first to socialize and second to create professional contacts, to help each other, to permit a real collective emulation » indiquates Sandrine Benattar.

Verdict of a coworking day ? POSITIVE

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A trip into the coworking

Rising 4 years ago, coworking comes from the US. Soleilles Cowok officially opened last September just near Bourse in Paris. 5 women are at the head of this coworking space, colorful and welcoming. Independent workers coming from very different universe meet to work on their laptop, focus, organize a meeting, share with other nomad workers.

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The « real life » network

On December 16th the Diversity Forum in Paris took place. The occasion to meet Soleilles Cowork team, a collaborative workspace that officially opened last September, rue Vivienne, in the heart of Paris. If the place was created thanks to the initiative of 5 women, it is still welcoming every nomad professional that want to diversify, widen their professional projects.

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Coworking, an affordable alternative office

Officially opened in September, this 240 m2 space located rue Vivienne, near Bourse in Paris, offers numerous offices and meeting rooms for 38 euros tax free half a day and 560 euros tax free per month.

The 5 women that initiated the concept wanted a joyful and friendly space for nomad workers or regular users. « The idea is to create and bring to life a professional community, favoring exchanges » Sandrine Benattar, co-founder, explains.

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Soleilles, a peaceful space

Created by 5 women (the reason why « Soleilles » is written this way) that wanted to make women managing easier, this space looks like a cocoon, quiet and relaxing. Even if the atmosphere is really feminine, Soleilles claims to be a place of diversity that is adapted to every professions. And to animate the place every coworker participates : a photograph exhibition, yoga lessons…

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