Entrées par Sandrine Benattar

Be inspired by Sandrine Benattar

Les travailleurs nomades ont un lien spécial avec Soleilles Cowork, un espace de coworking dans le centre de Paris. Nous avons rencontré sa fondatrice, Sandrine Benattar, pour entendre l’histoire d’un espace de coworking spécialement dédié aux femmes, mais aussi parler des récompenses et des défis de l’entreprenariat.   L’article complet (en anglais) ici

Be inspired by Sandrine Benattar

« What strikes me about Sandrine Benattar is not how much she fits the picture of a refined, intelligent and successful French woman. Rather, it is her pragmatism; her gentle, yet direct manner, and the fact that she refuses to add complexity to issues that she sees as rather straightforward. »   Full article here

Professional Tree of Life

April 2nd in Soleilles, come and explore your professional life with the metaphor of the tree of life during a creative workshop ! Thanks to this 2 hours session, you’ll be able to : – give some meaning to your initiatives – honor your ressources – explore your projects and hopes – create link with other […]

Arbre de vie professionnel

Le 3 avril chez Soleilles, venez explorer votre parcours professionnel autrement à travers la métaphore de l’arbre au cours d’un atelier créatif ! Grâce à cet atelier de 2 heures, vous pourrez : Donner du sens à vos initiatives Honorer vos ressources Explorer vos projets et vos espoirs Créer du lien avec d’autres coworkeurs ou coworkeuses […]

More than a shared workspace: a place for professional and personal connections

Soleilles is wonderfully decorated, boldly asserting a feminine touch, even if, of course, the space is home to all kinds of people, including consultants, coaches, freelancers, and employees of small businesses such as European startups who want to test the French market. With discussions, workshops, picnics, and two meeting rooms available for reservations, Soleilles is […]

« We all come from very different univers but we figure out solutions all together » »

« This coworking space, with a feminine touch, welcomes nomad workers at the heart of Paris and stimulates contact between workers. Working at home is synonym of freedom but also presents some disadvantages : a complicated rhythm, loneliness… Sandrine Benattar, a former marketing developer in important firms, experienced those disadvantages when she launched from her home […]

« On vient d’univers très différents et on trouve des solutions ensemble »

« Cet espace collaboratif, à la touche féminine, accueille les travailleurs nomades en plein cœur de Paris et favorise le contact. Travailler à la maison est synonyme de liberté mais comporte quelques inconvénients : l’appel impérieux des tâches domestiques, un rythme décalé, un certain isolement. Sandrine Benattar, ancienne du marketing dans de grandes entreprises, a connu ces écueils lorsqu’elle […]

Soleilles welcomes 1001pact

February 17th, Pierre Achache, founder of Magica Vision, presented his project to « Social 3.0 » and « Engage » in Soleilles. 1001pact is a new plateform of participative investment that connects supportive investors and firms that change the world. Their goal ? Democratize the investment of responsible, socially innovative and economically stable firms, such as Magica Vision, thanks […]